• Detached house with a yard in a quiet neighborhood with a wonderful view. You will be surprised to find that although it is in the center of “Old” Karlovo, it is an ideal place for seclusion and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big town. 

  • You can enjoy the view of the beautiful architectural monuments in the vicinity and indulge yourself by ordering home-made dishes made by original recipes of the hosts or of your choice.

  • Tasting sessions are offered to connoisseurs of high-quality wines and drinks, produced by technologies of age-old tradition.

  • You can have unforgettable moments with your beloved, family and friends with the romantics and tranquility of “Minkovata kashta”.



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Karlovo town, 4300
#55a, Vasil Levski Str.


Information and booking:

02 / 4812933
088 / 6403676
089 / 5526446