About the Karlovo town


View from Stara Planina mountain

Karlovo is situated in the Karlovo Valley. A famous crafts and rose-production center during the Revival, birthplace of eminent personalities, today the town has 115 historic-architectural monuments and Revival buildings in its old part.


Museum Ethnografy - Karlovo 


Among them you must not miss the native house of Vassil Levsky, the churches St. Nicholas (1847), The Holy Virgin (1859), Kurshum Mosque (1485).


Vasil Levski Monument

Rose-picking ritual in the blooming rose gardens, election of Queen of Roses, seeing the process of distillation of rose oil – these are part of the annual "Rose Holidays" in May, in which you can participate personally in order to feel the magic of folklore dances and mummers’ games, enjoy the skill and color of the local craftsmen and artists, taste the local cuisine.


The Tsar’s residence in the town of Banya offers wine-tasting of selected wines from Rose Valley Winery. Karlovo is a starting point for tourism in Central Stara Planina.


The Visitors’ Center in the town offers rich information about the biodiversity and the natural landmarks in Stara Planina.


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Karlovo town, 4300
#55a, Vasil Levski Str.


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